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Welcome to Tranquility Spa and Pool Centre

Welcome to the home of Rotorua’s oldest and longest running spa and swimming pool shop. We specialise in the sale of Trueform Portable New Zealand made spa pools. These pools are not Chinese made spa pools.

Our spa pools are made of Acrylic shells (fibreglass backed) and insulating foam inside a cedar wood cabinet. The running equipment is supplied by Davey Spa and Spa Quip Ltd, part of the Davey Group, which is a New Zealand/Australian company. This means that should your equipment breakdown, either during or after the warranty has run out, parts are then available for repair or replacement.

The warranty period on our spa pools is a full five year warranty on the acrylic shell of the spa pool. There is a two year warranty on the running equipment. The first year is a full warranty and the second year is a pro-rata bench warranty (parts only not labour). The lockable hard lids come with a twelve month factory warranty.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we do look after our customers and that when repairs need to be done, we do them (Many dealers rely on the factory that supplies the parts to send a person down from Auckland to do the repairs).

We have access to almost all suppliers in New Zealand, so if you need parts for you swimming pool pump or filtration equipment, feel free to give us a call or we can come see you.

If you are looking for chemicals for your swimming or spa pool, we sell a full range of products, as well as having access to almost all suppliers in New Zealand for specialty chemicals. We supply chemicals to both commercial companies, schools, as well as to private homes. We also give free water testing to all our loyal clients.

If something goes wrong with your pool, we provide expert diagnosis of problems and treatment for your pool.

Feel free to come visit our store at: 6 Scott Street (Off Sala St), Rotorua, or phone us on (07) 348 3439